Thanks to the roadmap of Obama immigration details more than 11 million immigrants in the USA are at a turning point of their lives. After providing a road map to integrate illegal into the mainstream Federal society, the Obama regime’s bipartisan Immigration Bill flaunts its love for merit based migration in the future to strengthen the sinews of the American economy by bringing more contributors to the economy than passive consumers of its wealth.

The new Immigration Bill by offering amnesty and a graduated approach to full citizenship for the immigrants makes the effort to bring the illegal aliens from their shells to the mainstream society as responsible citizens  through a structured programme. At the same time Obama asserts serious enforcement of anti-immigration measures by hardening border control measures.

RPI Status

As a major reform and a benign gesture of accommodation, aliens living in the US without proper documentation and entered in the country before 31, December 2011 will get relief and can apply for the newly created immigration status called Registered Provisional Immigrant (RPI). The process of application requires paying a $500 fine and some fees. The RPI status will allow a migrant authorization to work and change jobs and travel outside the United States.

Obama immigration reform details stipulate that after 10 years, a person with an RPI status but regularly employed can apply for a green card and attain citizenship in three years. In the meantime the applicants must show proficiency in English and pass a criminal background check.

Persons convicted of an aggravated felony and misdemeanours or voting fraud will not be eligible. The current day youngsters who came to the country at a young age and raised in the United States, will have a shorter path to citizenship under the new legislation. They can apply for RPI status and wait for five years to apply for a green card. Under Obama Immigration Reform waiver the time spent in RPI status will be counted for naturalization and help DREAMers to become citizens immediately upon receiving their green cards. Obama Immigration Reform waiver also helps immigrant workers to be covered by US labour laws to get minimum wage, workplace protection, non-discrimination and other labour rights.


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