Aspects Related With Immigration and Naturalization Service

One of purposes of the immigration and naturalization service is for prevention of illegal entrants into the United States of America. This service works in association with law of Naturalization. This term is used to give proper authentication to foreign born citizens of one country, and preparing them to be a citizen of another country. There is a set of procedures for the naturalization of a foreign born person in place. In a nutshell, this service prevents the illegal dwellers from illegally receiving benefits such as social security, healthcare services, education and employment.

Structure of this form of service

The INS is headed by a commissioner appointed by the president. The president must report the appointment to the attorney general in the department of justice. The INS works together with the United Nations health and Human Services and the State Department. It had four main divisions. These are Management, Policy and Planning, Field Operations, and Programs.

The programs and the field operations divisions include the operational functions of the INS. The enforcement of national policy including examinations, deportation and detaining of illegal migrants are performed by the program division. Those who are illegally living in the United States get investigated, and if determined to be illegally in country they are detained and deported by means of the Immigration and Naturalization Services. The control of legal and illegal entry is also performed by the program division.

Prerequisites of opting for this facility

There are certain procedures, immigrants face while going through this type of service. There is no alternative to following the law and rules that are in place. In this process, overseeing the many INS offices working throughout the country and the world is done by the Field Operations division. The field operations division oversees 33 districts and 21 border areas. It had three regional offices. Outside the country, there are 16 offices which are overseen by the international headquarters. The field operations division is responsible for the administration of the international headquarters. Thus international tasks are performed under the auspices of the field operations division.

The policy and planning and the managerial functions are included in the Management division. The office of policy and planning communicates with the public and other cooperating government agencies. The office of policy and planning also coordinates information for the INS.

The office was again divided into three sub divisions – the Evaluation and Research Center, Planning division and the Policy division. The Management division maintains the overall mission of the Immigration and Naturalization Service throughout its many offices and provides administrative services to these offices. These duties are managed by the offices of Equal Employment Opportunity, Human Resources and Administration, Finance and Information Resources Management.

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